Why you should strengthen your body love right now, if you really want to become fitter

Did you want to become fitter many times but all you got is ending up frustrated with no results?

Or are you  just tired in trying it another time and think you won’t make it anyway?

Oh boy, I do hear you, lovely.

I’ve been there too.

Yes, we all need to move our body. Yes, we all need to eat healthy to have a healthy and happy body. And yes, we all know this already, right?

Great so how can we finally get over this neverending story? Maybe we should ask the question from a different perspective?

It’s is much more interesting to analyze the following: Why don’t we do it then more often?

Well, because fitness isn’t ONLY about our body. Fitness is about mental and emotional fitness as well. It’s about how we feel and think about ourself and our body. 

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Do you know the main reason why we don’t reach our fitness goals?

Our motivation sucks and we don’t truly support ourselves.

Many of us work out as we are not happy with our body, right? Most of us tend to work out to overcome something, to get rid of that fat or too skinny body. Or even more: many of us work out because we hate our body instead of loving it. Right?

I don’t know where you stand exactly. Fact is, most of us lost this pure, natural born connection to our body.

Look at the little ones: They don’t have a body, they are their body. But when growing up we have learned that our mind is more important than our instincts. And we have met a lot of experts and theories telling us how we should behave, be and feel instead of trusting ourselves. And on top of that we got more and more an idea, an inner picture of how our body is supposed to look like to be loveable.

We all want to be accepted. And there is nothing wrong with this. From evolutionary point of view, it even makes sense: Together we were and still are stronger to survive. So, in order to be integrated into the group we needed to be accepted by the others.

Looking at it the way how the current society loves and defines what is “good looking” is a perfect way to analyze the different generations and the evolution. It is a fact that the only thing that changed is the definition of “good looking”.

Isn’t that crazy? If you were born in the 20s you better looked androgynous. But if you were born in the 50s being curvy gave you the attribute to be perfect. And today everyone screams strong is the new skinny. Even girls are supposed to have lots of muscles.

Yes, a healthy appearance, having a good-looking body will improve your self-confidence. It does. But only if you truly LOVE what you see and if you FEEL this love.

I had times in my life when I was way skinnier than today but I always felt too fat (And I wasn’t the only one: Studies show most of the women have a totally wrong perception and self-image of their body). It didn’t matter what others said: I still hated my body or at least parts of it. Years later – when I gained a lot of weight as I couldn’t keep up to be so harsh with myself – and was watching at pictures from those days – I became jealous at my older self (crazy, that’s possible!) and that body. Worse I could have hit myself that I didn’t appreciate and enjoyed it more. I tried to lose weight but I failed. My motivation wasn’t the right one and I didn’t have the energy to again kill myself.

But there is a happy end (yay!).

I finally lost my weight. But first I really truly had to change my inner status quo. And then my habits. It was the first time in my life that I started to eat cleaner and workout because I LOVED myself instead of hating myself. It took me nearly a year. But it was the first time I truly lost weight, gained back a lot of energy and finally felt unconditionally good in my skin – with or without the approval of the others. It did not matter anymore if others liked my body or not.

And I hold my weight effortlessly as being the new me became my new skinny.

I don’t overeat anymore. I go for regular workouts. Of course, not always with the sun shining out of my ass, but with the inner (!) knowing and deep trust, I will feel better afterwards and I deserve this. This newborn self-love and truest body-confidence is the huge difference to my earlier approach and THAT’s the reason why I keep going. And we all know: without staying on track we can’t keep up a habit. And habits define our life.

So, instead of running after a certain standard what’s right or not we should invest in our own body love.

 If you are like me and you tried it several times to become fitter and maybe leaner as well but all you ended up with was being frustrated and hating yourself even more, than this text here is for you.

Let’s see, how you can improve YOUR body love and finally get fitter in your own authentic way. Let’s have a look at what is needed to go for a fit-ness for life, not the next bikini season only.

5,6,7 and 8!

So, we made it clear: fitness isn’t only about your body. To reach your physical fitness goals, you need “neuro-muscles” as well, like John Assaraf calls the mental and emotional part.

You need to have a clear focus, a strong WHY. Then you need to create powerful habits & beliefs and last but not least you need having your own back with self-confidence.

We all have these certain ideas of– first – what it means to be fit and – second – even more, how it supposed to look and – third – how to get to this state.

Alright, let’s have a look at this:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-07 um 15.50.46 To BE fit

This is about your WHY: What does it mean for you to be fit? Do you associate it mostly with the way you look? Or how much weight you are able to put on your bar and lift it? Or how fast you run a mile? Or is it a certain feeling in your body?

If you want to improve your fitness, first ask yourself this:

How will it be, when I am fit like I want to be? What will I be capable of doing that I am not right now?

Fitness is about strength, endurance, flexibility – ask yourself where do I want to have more of these and what for? And finally: how will I feel it? And who will benefit from my fitter me next to myself?

Make it crystal clear, why is it worthwhile to stick to your plan. You will need to remind yourself over and over again as each change isn’t easy (sorry to tell you that) but possible if we stay on track no matter what happens. You will need yourself as your BFF by your side.


Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-07 um 15.50.46 To LOOK fit

This is about your self-confidence. Truth bomb: You will not gain this inner state of peace and deep feeling of confidence if you think that being fitter will influence people so that they admire and love you more!

Only self-love can give you this state of mind as only self-love is independent. Only you can do this. If you want to become fitter because you want to look better do it for yourself. Basta. Everything else is a waste of time. So, ask yourself: If I look fitter what does this improve for me? For example: I can find and wear comfortably all the clothes I always wanted to wear or: Dressing in the morning will be so much easier as more clothes better fit.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-07 um 15.50.46 To GET fit

This is all about your habits and beliefs. Create a relationship with your body like the one with your BFF: Be caring and focus on the good stuff. Give yourself a high five, don’t let yourself down. There is a day you overeat? Or a week you were too lazy to get up from the couch? Normal, you are a human being not a robot! (By the way this is perfect) Get over it AND keep going.

Remind yourself over and over again: discipline isn’t a cruel and unsexy thing. It just means to go for what you want most (your why) instead of what you want now.

Be honest, remind yourself of your WHY but be inspiring and motivational instead of lashing yourself or giving up. It doesn’t matter how long it will take you – you stay on track because you are worth it.

And remember: who will benefit from your better version as well? Maybe your kids, as you are fitter to run around with them? Or your hubby as you feel more confident in your skin when he sees you naked (do I need to say more?).

And one more thing: You don’t have to work out hard (don’t listen to each fitness trend – they change all 5 years!). You truly don’t need this “no pain no gain” attitude (if this masochistic thing is your shit – feel free to kill yourself) if not don’t worry there is more out there.

And you are allowed to eat chocolate too (I am a Swiss; how could I tell you something else?!). You should better workout in little units that are doable for you for the rest of your life instead of only 3 intense weeks.

We need to create habits to create a lifestyle.

You want to stick longer to your new healthy habits?  – Do yourself a favor, make sure your nutrition is fun and colorful – don’t be too politically correct (did I really say that? Me the neutral Swiss?!). If you go for your glass of red wine or cake: ENJOY IT!

You will need way less of it, if you enjoy it with all your senses instead of consuming it with this toxic feeling of guilt in you and stuffing yourself like a poor goose. Be kind to yourself, be patient and remain focused. Go for a divers and fun workout that improves your mental and emotional fitness as well. Check out my two favorites here for free: Dafunc and Dancess Free Online Workout. 

If you want to nail it this time, I am having your back:

First, with a crazy fun and high efficient workout plan and second with a course that will boost your self-confidence (and body love!) like hell. But I need YOU to create this magic.

If there is one part in you thinking you are worth getting over this craziness of stop-and-go-and-stop-and-go and yoyo-effect of trying to become fit, then it’s time to change your strategy and go for new and more loveable ways.

Life is too short for another frustrating round – love yourself enough to make it happen right now!

And if you are ready to really dive into it and change your fitness in a sustainable way that let’s you glow inside out, the 12.5 week Workout Unplugged is DEFINITELY for you – click the hot red button:


Selflove (and body love is one powerful part of it) grows in baby steps. Start it now and let me know: How do you strengthen your body love today?

Share with your Tribe and find support.



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