How to use Music to empower your real fitness inside-out

If we are talking about Fitness we often have these kinds of picture in our mind: Skinny, young ladies and very muscular guys working out in a gym. But being fit is way more than just being in a great shape. It’s about being fit for life. So, real fitness needs to empower not only our body but as well our mind and soul. And one important thing: Our inner fitness often determines how – or shall I say – if we workout. Our inner state determines if we go for this run, if we sign and show up at the dance class or at the gym. And that’s the moment where music gets into the spotlight: Music is awesome sauce if it comes to fitness on all three levels AND music is great to put yourself into an inner state that leads you to the right decisions, helping you to be your best version of yourself.


But, one step at a time, right?

Let’s talk about the magic of music first.

Did you ever watch a movie and switch off the music in a dramatic scene?

It’s crazy: In one second the movie loses its power, it’s not the same energy anymore, right (if you didn’t try this out once, try it when you watch the next movie or even a commercial, you will be blown away about the effect)?


It’s literally as if the emotion has been switched off when you push the mute button …


Music is not only very powerful in movies – in real time music is an emotional booster as well. Since ever music is very important and immensely affects our unconscious system – if you like it or not.


So, Music is capable to influence how we – first – feel, – second – think and – third – how we act.


But why?

We make our experiences in life and we save our perception of these moments in our brain through different channels – the auditory channel is one of them. It is, next to the visual and olfactoral channels, one of our first that imprints our experiences – even before we are born. If you ever have been pregnant you might have heard about putting a music box on your belly or you were invited to listen to Mozart as its music seems to be good for the unborn baby?


Scientifically speaking, there are certain music patterns and certain waves related to different emotions and even more: certain waves interact with our brain in a way that we learn better or relax faster. And it’s possible to influence our inner life and decisions we take through music. Or do you think it’s a hazard what kind of music they play in shopping malls? It’s not.


But already „normal“ music is very powerful. I am amazed by how much impact music has on our own inner life. Music is truly healing and it’s one of the most empowering things you can easily use to put you into a certain empowering state. So how can you use music for your own self-empowerment? 3 tips and a gift from my side:


Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-07 um 15.50.46 1. Sing

Yes, I am serious: Sing! Don’t say „oh I can’t sing“ this is just bull shit. Yes, it might be, you sound like a wolf at full moon when you start with hallelujah, but seriously: so what? It’s not about becoming the next Adele – it’s about expressing your feelings, to get these vibes through your entire body and to make some noise!

Do it when under the shower, in the car – honestly, there is no one listening to you. Feel free to express yourself. It’s so deliberating to spill your heart out with la vita e bella with Chris and chorus, believe me. I put this song on in the car and sing like there is no tomorrow. It’s so deliberating. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh (mostly about myself) – sometimes both at the same time.

Choose empowering beats and also empowering lyrics – and the day will be yours.


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Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-07 um 15.50.46 2. Go for your personal own empowering track lists

Ok, I agree it might be a little hard to sing like Beyoncé sitting in a bus or in your office (standing might work better as you want to go for the all-single-ladies-moves as well).

So if you can’t sing, listen to music! But don’t wait for the right songs in the radio (with all this cheap music out there you might wait forever, no offence). You wanna feel a certain way? You wanna feel empowered or relaxed? It’s easy: check out a service like Spotify for the right songs for you. Search for your favorites and have a look at the preset lists as well, but best is to create your own one that is THE perfect match for you and the specific state you want to put yourself into with this piece of music. It’s a bit of work and often it takes a bit of time …! Right now it’s Christmas time … a lot of other stuff to do, right?

So here is my little gift for you: a very happy and empowering track list of my all-time favorites combined with a few modern Christmas classics (if it’s summer and you are reading this you might want to delete the Christmas tracks and listen to the rest of it, so just feel free) – click here, you are welcome.

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Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-07 um 15.50.46 3. Dance

Do you really think, you can’t dance? Oh common! We talked about this in point one already, same for the dancing here: G.E.T. O.V.E.R. I.T (or read this blogpost – I have your back). One more time: Singing and dancing aren’t things you can’t or can. It’s just self-expression, basta! It’s not about becoming the next Amy Winehouse or Misty Copeland it’s about empowering yourself by expressing your emotions in a constructive and therefore healthy way. Like Martha Graham said: “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion”.


Grab my freebie here and give it a try in your living room – it’s only us – so no more excuses. Click here for your free workout


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Life is too short to hold back – Do you hear me? Express your beauty and your emotions – sing, dance, express yourself like a free child – this will strengthen your inner health and fitness (as this is at least as important as your outer fitness – for more about this, click here and it will boost your self-confidence. We, the Life Junkies, will always have your back. And now: All the single ladies, all the single ladies, da da daaaa, da da daaaa …

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