What if a long weekend could make you fitter on all levels, strengthen your self-confidence and lift up your zest of life? What if having healthy and delicious classes for your body, mind and soul and making new friends would empower you, not only, for the four days but for your daily life at home as well?

The magic happens now. And you can be part of it.
Warmly welcome to the Life Junkie Mountain Festival - A long weekend full of Dance, Hiking and Chilling.



4 days full of Life Junkie Power. Re-fill your energy, laugh, grow, relax and enjoy the fresh air of the alps. 4 days with lovely people, deeply empowering classes and nature at its best. A long week-end with the Life Junkie Fitness Programs Dancess, Dafunc and Daflow, Yoga/Pilates/bodyART, Mobility and Life Junkie Coaching- and Foodinputs a go go.



For the second time we are heading to the beautiful Swiss Mountains. To the little town where our founder's roots lay: Sedrun. It’s calm, it’s friendly and it’s beautiful with it’s surrounding nature. Sedrun is around 2 hours away from Zurich and is easy to reach by car or by train.


Thursday, 1st of August 19

Starting lunchtime: Individual arrival by your car or by train. Check-in,
meet new friends at the beautiful Lag da Claus, soak in the fresh air, get a nice tan and relax.
(Bad Weather Option: Wellness Spa in Sedrun)

4pm - 5.15pm: Welcome Class Workout all IN - it's a
MIX of everything for everyone
6.45pm: Welcome Apéro
7.15 pm: Enjoying dinner all together and celebrate the 1st August!

Friday, 2nd of August 19

Walk the talk - Let's hike together and move forwards on all levels. Enjoy the beautiful nature and soak in the incredible fresh air, engage in interesting chats and conversations and get inspiring empowerment inputs: It's all about Connect - and build trust.

Free time in the afternoon

4.30pm: Dancess JAZZ / 4.30pm: Functional Workout
5.30pm - 6pm: Daflow (stretching and recovery)
7:30pm: Delicious Dinner with a healthy and yummy fusion between local specialties and modern kitchen.

Saturday, 3rd of August 19

Saturday has an early start but it's full of magic when you enjoy masterclasses with an incredibly beautiful sunrise in the mountains.
After the classes we will savour a breakfast with a view in a little chalets just for us. Walk the talk - an easy hike will bring us back to our hotel (shuttle bus is available) and you will learn more about - posture and attitude inside out - outside in.

In the afternoon you have time to chill, to go to the Lake "Lag Da Claus", to visit the Spa, to walk, to shop regional products, to read, to chat ...do whatever you feel like.

4.30pm: Dancess SHOW / 4.30pm: Fatburner - interval training

5.30pm: Daflow (Yoga and stretching with meditation)

7:00pm: Delicious Dinner with a healthy and yummy fusion between local specialties and modern kitchen.

Sunday, 4th of August 19

The last day we are spending the whole morning together and make it count with a big bang to finish!
9:30am: Life Junkie Fitness Class (Surprise surprise) / 9.30am: Strength workout - whatever you like!
10.30am: For all stretching and mobilization plus meditation
11.30am: Empowerment to take away!
12pm: Healthy snacks, Drinks, Goodbye and Hugs, hugs, hugs!

Individual check-out and departure, chilling at the Lake, Spa-time, local shopping.


Your team. Your tribe. Nicole Haut-Cavegn, Barbara Perner, Jasmin Spring und Astrid Drechsel-Grau will be there for you during these days and give you the inputs for body, mind and soul. They will guide you professionally through the workout, motivate you and inspire you with new ideas in order to empower your daily life:

Nicole Haut-Cavegn, the founder of Life Junkie Fitness & Coaching and the head creator of the concepts Dancess, Dafunc and Daflow. Coming from Dance and being in the international fitness industry for a long time (highlights are ECA Convention in New York, IDEA Convention in Los Angeles, conventions in Buenos Aires, Israel and throughout Europe), she is responsible for the Dance department of SAFS the number one fitness address in Switzerland, and changes lives as self-empowerment coach on a 1:1 basis or in groups for over 10 years.

Barbara Perner, her base is the health services department (neonatology – aaawh), and for years now she teaches Dancess & Dafunc as well as bodyART in several studios in Salzburg, Austria. She loves to dance and to inspire people on all three levels through dance and movement. Participants are motivated and pushed to discover their inner fire, to express it with self-confidence and to carry it out into the world.

Jasmin Spring, owner of a health club in Zurich, she works with a holistic approach as Health Coach and offers personal training, nutrition coaching and manual therapy so you get stronger from all sides and all levels.

Astrid Drechsel-Grau, she is working for many years in the international fitness industry (highlights are Dubai and England) and teaches for several years Dancess and Dafunc. Astrid loves to encourage her participants to express themselves freely and in the different facets. Astrid is interested in versatile topics so it comes with no surprise that Astrid feels at home and has know-how in the different worlds such as fitness, business and finance.

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