As a Dance Instructor you are very often on the road, right?

So, healthy nutrition can be really kind of challenging. Sure, I can always grab any of these fancy hyper trending vegan bars and eat them BUT, let’s be honest: either these super-duper seemingly healthy bars aren’t that healthy (check out the ingredients, for a start) or they taste as if you were eating the paper at the same time. So healthy yes – but it needs to be tasty as well – basta!

So what can you do?

Luckily we have our nutrition specialist Jana Herrero-Huber in the house (see the picture above) whoop whoop! She is the expert of healthy (and super tasty – very important!) snacks and could even convince me – the biggest snack digger ever.

But why snacks at all? Isn’t it sufficient to eat 3 big meals a day?

This what our expert has to say to this topic:
Extended phases between the meals can negatively influence your blood sugar. In consequence, you are more likely to succumb your cravings and to eat everything you can get into your fingers. In addition your concentration starts dropping and your brain functionality decreases significantly. Hence, efficient, safe and flawless working is not guaranteed.

Woah, does your attention rise when you hear accident? As Dance Instructor you can’t afford to have accident, right?

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-07 um 15.50.46 As a sports teacher and dance instructor Jana is constantly active and on the road. This means she barely has the time to eat properly but she needs constantly energy!

This is the reason why she started to create her own healthy snacks. And after countless trial and errors she found cool recipes that – even lazy cooks like me – can do easy peasy and very importantly quick (time another very important criteria on our Life Junkie checklist!)

I often hear the sentence: where do you get all the energy from? Of course I accord myself enough sleep and rest but I quickly realised that these two factors are insufficient. Hence, I have always some kind of homemade snacks with me so I always have enough energy to push through my very busy and active days or to have something ready right after my workouts to kick off recovery and get ready for my next challenge.

Jana’s tricks on how you can handle all this without stressing even more during the day:

I prepare my snacks for the entire week on Sundays and store them in Tupperware in the fridge or in cookie boxes in order to keep them fresh. Once 30min invested all tasty snacks full of micronutrients for the week done!

30min? For a whole week? Alright this is worth a trial and Jana was so kind to share one of her favourite snack recipes with us and here you go.

Go ahead, fuel your body with precious energy that your body needs from inside out so that you can shine bright with your Life Junkie style. Have fun experiencing the good stuff – let us know how it works and how you like it!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-07 um 15.50.46 Cereal energy bar


4 hand full ground almonds

Pinch of salt

1 table spoon baking powder

1 hand full sun flower seeds

1 hand full sesame seeds

2 table spoons of linseed

1 hand full pumpkin seeds

1 hand full pistachio

1 hand full cranberries

2 hand full apricots (sliced)

1 egg

2 table spoons of honey

This is how it works:

1. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees

2. Put all the ingredients together till and including pistachios and mix it. In a separate bowl put egg, honey, apricots and cranberries together and mix it. Put everything on baking sheet and bake it 10-12min.

I prefer them a little “darker” so you can keep it 15min in the oven.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-07 um 15.50.46 Psst, did you know already?

Take 100g of dark chocolate (80% cacao), let it melt and cool down before cutting the mass into pieces and put the chocolate on top as cover. One of the pieces (depending on the size) it has around 100kcal – healthy calories for your body and your brain – all you need to have! All ingredients are chosen so they don’t let your blood sugar spike and that you are constantly fuelled with good energy and micronutrients. The combination of nuts and seeds helps you in your concentration and to produce constant performance. You can enjoy these bars as snacks or in a bowl with a banana and natural yoghurt.


Hi my name is Jana from the Life Junkie Fitness Team. Besides sport and dance, cooking is my second passion (oh well actually there is my husband, so it is the 3rd passion). As half Italian I love food and was already as little kid loving to cook with my mum in the kitchen.

After my studies to become a sports and nutrition teacher I wanted to turn my passion into my job and started to inspire people around me for sports, dance and food. Even though I sometimes get on my team member ‘s nerves with my very structured and super organised way, they are most of the times really happy to have me, besides my team tasks, giving them inputs on natural healthy snacks that support the wellbeing during meetings and shootings.


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